I ♥ my…

On Valentine’s Day, the Peer Sex Educators had a “Love Your Body” table at the campus center. One of the fun things they did was have people write on a white board what they loved about their bodies.

Slide show here!

You should go look at it. It’s beautiful and hilarious and, if you need more incentive, I’m in it!

My favorite juxtaposition is that my “I love my uterus” is followed immediately by someone else’s “I love my butch cock.”


(And yeah, my ode to my uterus is totally peacemaking following my adventures in birth control.)

8 responses to “I ♥ my…

  1. Why only women there?

  2. This is so awesome! And I love that you see how much fun they had getting photographed with their statement. :D

  3. Reblogged this on this is about sex. and commented:
    PSE’s Love Your Body project on Valentine’s Day has officially been validated by Emily Nagoski. Thanks for your pic & support!

  4. <3

  5. I love the entire series. What a wonderful way to show diversity of body shapes and their acceptance. My favorites are brains, smile, and eyes.

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