About Emily

Emily is a college health educator in Massachusetts. In 2006, she completed a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a concentration in Human Sexuality. She also holds a MS in Counseling Psychology and a BA in Psychology with minors in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. She’s worked for well over a decade in the field of sexuality education and has grown into an impassioned advocate for social justice through sexual fulfillment. Politically progressive and unapologetically atheistic, Emily has strong opinions and a big vocabulary, and she’s determined to use both to make the world a better place for human sexual expression.

The blog is an effort to combine the three crucial ingredients of a sex column: good science, good writing, good advice. If you find two, that’s pretty good; hardly ever do you get all three. Forcing yourself to generate 500 words every day is really good practice.

Emily’s funnier in real life (and hardly ever speaks in the third person). She’s also the author of The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuing a Man and The Good in Bed Guide to Female Orgasms.

13 responses to “About Emily

  1. Have you got an email address you’d be willing to share for a very quick note? Can’t find one on the site…

  2. bloowillbooks

    You crack me up. So glad to find someone else who gets nervy in the third person.

  3. Claire Allison

    Hi Emily, just wanted to say that I love your blog and you should keep up the great work! Also, loved the way you handled that pundit a few weeks back with dignity and grace.

  4. You are great!!!

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  7. Informally Educated

    Let’s say I am polite, intelligent, and have challenges with the way my brain works. For example, modest rote memory yet great associative ability and a substantial grip on “how people and things tick”.

    Would you say “Yes, I’ll accept your invitation to converse”

    or would you say “No, even though information is scant, I am firmly not interested”.

    Your moderately detailed response would be informative, and appreciated. These new social interaction avenues don’t always guide us accurately towards polite yet desirably informative interactions with people one hasn’t yet met or conversed with! Yeah…that’s what they all say…. J

    I have not been granted any degree from a post high school institution. That will probably make you decline my courteous inquiry (sigh). J

  8. Hey Emily-

    I can across your blog through Good in Bed. I’m casting sex therapists for a new Discovery show. I would love to discuss with you. I love your direct- sex positive vibe.

    Please get in contact!

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  11. Love this! I do Passion Parties and another consultant passed along so helpful!

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